Cabin Crew : FAQ

FAQ : Métiers hôtesse de l'air et steward


How can I become an air hostess or steward? What is the Cabin Crew Attestation?  These Frequently Asked Questions may be helpful !


1. What profile do I have to have to become an air hostess or steward?

You must:

• Be 18 or over
• Have completed your high school studies (baccalaureate level)
• Have a good level of English
• Be presentable
• Be in good physical condition
• Know how to swim

2. What is the Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA)?
Anyone wishing to work as a flight attendant for a commercial airline based in the EU must have a Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA). This is a state diploma delivered by the Ministry of transport and is compulsory to carry out Cabin Crew duties. The exam must be taken in a test centre that is approved by the Civil Aviation authority, such as IFAERO.

3. How long does the CCA remain valid ?
The CCA certificate is issued without any time limit, but its validity depends on compliance with the cabin crew operational conditions.


4. When should I do the compulsory medical visit ?
The IFAERO team recommends that you do the medical visit before starting the CCA training to ensure that you are fit to proceed. Ask us for the list of approved medical centres.



> Before starting the training programme, IFAERO offers a free assessment of your suitability for the job of cabin crew.

> IFAERO’s experienced team of instructors uses the latest teaching methods to create an effective and personalised learning environment.

> IFAERO offers advice about how you can fund your CCA training and can draw up a personalised financing plan.

NB: You may use your DIF (Individual Right to Training) to finance the CCA training. If you are a registered job seeker, our team can guide you through the steps to take to get financial assistance for training (AIF).

> Training sessions are organised in small groups to ensure a personalised approach, which contributes to our high success rate of over 96% !

> To maximise your chances of success to become an air hostess or steward, IFAERO offers additional training courses related to careers in aviation, such as an immersion internship in an airline company, job interview training, or English for aviation.